You’ve got this

Sometimes the people around me see in me what I’m struggling to see in myself. Recently I sent messages to three people in my life – my son, my sister and my friend, describing an ambitious and scary project I’m embarking on. All three instantly replied with “You’ve got this. I’m sure it will go well.” and “You can do this. Good luck!” and “You got this – let me know if you need my help”.

It felt so good to receive this support and encouragement. It reminded me of the importance of surrounding myself with people who believe in me.

It also made me think of the power of encouraging others. Receiving those replies made me feel great. It shored me up in a way that no amount of self talk could have done. I was able to proceed with my audacious plan, and yes, I succeeded in making it a reality.

I’ve Got You detail

Who’s in your tribe?

Who can you send an encouraging note to today? Who is in your tribe that you can count on to have your back when faced with a challenge?

How can I help you?

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