You want me to do what?

Challenges in transitioning post-pandemic

As a business owner or corporate leader, what is going to be your biggest challenge in getting people back to the office post-pandemic? I heard today about an international corporation who sent out notices saying everyone would be back in the office by September 8. Period. No discussion. How do you think that is going over?

Some of the possible issues you may be facing:

  1. Many people have found they like the flexibility of working from home. They enjoy not having to commute. It saves them time and money each day. They like that they can put on a load of laundry or cut the lawn between meetings. Some of your workforce may not want to return to working in the office.
  2. People are feeling disconnected from the workplace and from each other. Perhaps they didn’t feel well supported by their leaders during the pandemic lock downs. (Did you know several studies are citing a high percentage – from 41 to 50% of people say they will be looking for a new job once the pandemic ends. Yikes!)
  3. Many of us have anxiety about being out in public, meeting people outside our small circle, and working in close quarters again. It is going to take some time to adjust and feel comfortable again.

Making a plan for transition

Is your business open to a hybrid or flexible arrangement? What plans do you have in place to help people to re-engage with each other and with your organization? What types of supports does your organization need to ensure people feel comfortable to return to the office?

My suggestion is to start the discussion now. Don’t wait until the fall to open the lines of communication with your employees. The transition will be eased by addressing fears and concerns up front. Make a plan to help your team to re-engage so your organization is able to hit the ground running when we enter the post-pandemic phase of business.

Author and facilitator Meryl Cook reads from her book, with two photos next to her of participants in her hands-on workshop

How can I help?

I offer programs to address these issues directly. Through my business Meryl Cook Engagement by Design I work with corporations to help leaders and their teams with engagement and well-being.

Using hands-on, creative methods I help teams to de-stress and reconnect. All of my fully customizable sessions include creative journaling and sketching exercises designed to promote engagement and strategies for well-being.

My most impactful work includes hands-on creation of individual pieces of fibre art and a group design that reflects the team’s vision and purpose. These pieces form a permanent installation in your place of business.

Let’s hop on a call to discuss the needs of your organization. Together we will design a transition-ready program that works for you and your team.