Word Play – a Writing Prompt, Chakra Exercise and Meditation for you

Did you choose a word for 2019? Mine was Breathe. Just for fun, I did a little word play with my 2019 word. So this post is both a writing prompt, a chakra exercise and a meditation for you.

I took the letters from Breathe and used each letter as a writing prompt to dig deeper into what I hope to accomplish this year. Because I love the chakra system I tried to relate each of the seven letters to a chakra, starting from the Root Chakra.

B – breathe, feel your breath down to your roots, your foundation. Breathe into every corner of your body.

R – release stale sacral energy, resentment, and renew creativity, sensuousness

E – exhale, sending love and good energy out, releasing tightness in the solar plexus, releasing stale air

A – allow an open heart to emerge, peel off the constriction to reveal a stronger, clearer heart connection

T – truth, throat clearing and opening. Taking in cool, soothing air to let your voice and your words emerge. Find your voice, speak your truth.

H – harness the clear air, the open lungs and heart to move forward with clarity and insight.

E – examine life from a broader perspective. You and your breath are part of a much larger universe. Enjoy the journey.

The beach is a place I feel I can fully breathe.
The beach is a place I feel I can fully breathe.

I’d love to hear your word play with your word for 2019. Feel free to comment below, or send me an email. If you don’t have a word, feel free to take mine and see what fun you can have with it.