Wonderment & curiosity, bringing it forward

When my eldest son Keegan was two we lived in a double wide trailer in Yellowknife, NWT. One of my happiest memories from that time was our winter morning ritual.

Every morning at the same time, a group of ptarmigan would visit the willow branches just outside our kitchen window. Keegan and I would sit very quietly so as not to spook them, and wait for their arrival.

It was such a special moment. There was a sense of curiosity and wonderment, the quiet anticipation, the thrill of them arriving, patience, and the absolute delight on my son’s face (and in my heart). It wasn’t stressful. It was pure fun and delight.

Just recalling this memory makes me feel it all over again.

Bringing it forward

What if I could bring the sensations of this happy memory into today – into my business? This sense of curiosity, wonderment, happy anticipation, patience and delight? I’ve been thinking lately about how I want to feel in my business and in my life in general. After such an extended period of uncertainty with the pandemic, life can begin to feel out of control. Deciding how I want to feel is one way of taking control and choosing how I want to feel.

Writing prompt

Connect with a happy memory and write about it. How did you feel in that moment? What would you like to take from that moment into your present life? Write about those sensations and how they would impact your present life and business.

View of an ocean beach with a journal with writing in it in the foreground
Journaling can help to tap into how we want to feel.

How can I help you?

If you are looking for writing prompts and other resources to connect with your creative self, take a look at my two booksReach out to me if you’d like some help designing a wallhanging that is a reflection of what you need right now.

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