Wonder – and abundance, love and creativity

I’ve been reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and it has me thinking – about wonder. The author talks about letting go of worry in order for abundance, love and creativity to come in. One idea from the book that really interests me is when we worry, what purpose does that worry serve, and what amazing idea is trying to get through?

As an artist I love the idea of approaching life with an attitude of curiosity and wonder. I love to ponder questions such as – what would happen if I took a corner of this scene and made a rug out of it? When we open our minds with wonder instead of worry, it creates space for ideas and insights. I think it also is a source of attraction for flow and abundance on an energetic level.

My What If exercise (mentioned in One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity and in my upcoming book One Loop at a Time, the creativity workbook) is an exercise in wondering. I was first introduced to this writing exercise by author Sheree Fitch. She suggested it as a daily writing practice, to write 2 or 3 What Ifs a day.

Writing a What If is to write about possibilities and to dream wildly. Don’t worry if some are silly or seem very far out, just write whatever wild dream pops into your head.

I have added to this exercise a second component: to imagine what your body would feel like, what the experience would be like if it came true?

This helps us to get over blocks, opens up creativity and also helps our body to begin imagining the healing flow that it needs. Over the almost two years since I have regularly been writing What Ifs and imagining how it would feel in my body if it came true, many of my What Ifs have become reality. There is something to be said for putting our wildest dreams out there and attracting the energy we need to make that happen!

Dreaming with wild abandon also helps us to attract the abundance, love and creativity that we are wanting. This is similar to the ideas from The Big Leap which encourage letting go of worry to make room for abundance, love and creativity.

Wishing you much abundance, love and creativity.