Wild Woman Hair mini 2 “Ode to Lisa LaFlamme” series

Wild Woman Hair mini 2

The second in my Wild Woman Hair minis and part of my “Ode to Lisa LaFlamme” series. When Ms. LaFlamme, a well respected journalist and tv anchor for CTV was criticized because she had let her hair go grey during the pandemic I was enraged. I wanted to do something to support Ms. LaFlamme and to express my solidarity as a woman of a certain age with white hair. When Brandt Eisner invited me to create artwork in a 6” x 6” format for the Squared Away exhibit, this series was born. All of the women in this series have wonderful grey hair!

Hooked on linen with hand-spun, commercial and recycled yarns and fabrics. Mounted on artist canvas, ready to hang. 6″ x 6″ $225

Wild Woman Hair mini 2 back view

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