What is receptive, feminine energy?

What is receptive, feminine energy and how do I cultivate it?

My natural modus operandi is to step up, reach out for opportunities, and work hard to make things happen. Does this resonate with you? Recently I’ve been more tired than usual. I’m finding it more difficult to pivot when negative thoughts or emotions intrude. I know I’m not alone. It has been suggested to me by my friend and colleague Ann Perry that I could benefit from cultivating a more receptive, feminine energy during these times.

I got curious, and so here’s my understanding of what a receptive, feminine energy is.

Receptive – definition – willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas, ready to mate (female), open to new ideas.

It seems to me that a receptive, feminine energy looks like a state of allowing, of being open to what comes. It is a quieter energy. It involves listening, especially inner listening. I know that when I cultivate quiet (like through meditation or being in nature) I can hear my inner voice more clearly.

I think there is also an element of removing blocks, a letting go of what is impeding flow.

I’m planning to work on cultivating my receptive, feminine energy. When I have decisions to make in life or business I will ask myself – does this feel like receptive energy? I suspect if I can spend more time in this receptive state I will feel more rested and will have clarity about how to move forward. I’ll keep you posted.

Hand hooked mat, like a heart with centre swirling, in blues, rusts, peach, greens.
Flow – one of my hooked mats that represents flow, like a landscape unfolding gently.

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