Unexpected beauty

Tansy on the Dartmouth waterfront at low tide.

Unexpected beauty can arrive in many forms. All we need to do is to take the time to notice and feel the joy of it.

Unexpected beauty can come in the form of the perfect shade of violet in a flower, or a snapdragon growing from a crack in the foundation of your home, or a tansy plant growing on the edge of the Halifax Harbour.

Unexpected beauty can be meeting a Twitter contact in real life and discovering you are kindred spirits. Or a colleague recommending you for an opportunity that makes your heart sing. How good it feels that she thinks you would be a great fit.

That perfect shade of violet in a neighbour’s garden.

Sometimes the unexpected beauty is within. For example, when you discover something about yourself as seen through a friend’s eyes. Unexpected beauty can be the gift of friendship. Of knowing you matter to someone else, that hanging out with you has made someone’s day a little brighter.

Unexpected beauty is joy. It’s all around us if we look for it and stay open to discovering it. Wishing you many moments of joy, beauty and creativity.



If you are in need of more ideas to becoming open to the unexpected beauty that surrounds us, check out my One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook.