The joy in this moment

When life is busy, do you find yourself rushing from task to task, being so busy being busy that you don’t take time to enjoy each moment as it happens? Guilty as charged.

When I get super busy I have the tendency to focus on what’s next, rather than what is here now. I get ungrounded. I start to make mistakes (or worse yet, have minor accidents such as tripping on the sidewalk while carrying my artwork to the gallery!).

Cozy Chakra Joy, created by Meryl Cook

Here are three strategies I use to combat this tendency.

  1. Set an intention. I have a mantra that was given to me by a friend just prior to my second book launch in 2017. It is “I open my heart to the joy in this moment”. I find it helps me to be focussed and present. I say it to myself (and sometimes out loud) before making important presentations.
  2. I journal about what being present feels like. I write about my intention for the day – to be grounded, to appreciate the moment.
  3. I spend time each day grounding myself. In the summer this might involve going outside in bare feet to gather rose petals or work in the garden. I try to do a daily meditation, and visualize myself rooted, connected to the earth.

Writing prompt

Try this prompt – When I open my heart to the joy in this moment … You may be surprised what unfolds.

How can I help?

For more writing prompts and inspiration for leading a creative, heart inspired life see my books or reach out to me for a one-to-one creativity session.