The gift of what is

Sometimes plans go awry and we are left with what is. Maybe we are diagnosed with a serious illness, or our vacation plans are interrupted, our job ends abruptly, or our relationship with our partner breaks down.

We first need to grieve

When faced with an unexpected and unwelcome change of plans we need first to allow our feelings of loss and disappointment to surface. We need to feel all of our feelings and find ways to express them. This can be through writing, artwork, movement, whatever helps us.

The pivot

Once we have acknowledged and processed our feelings about the change of plans, can we find a way to pivot? To see the gift in the situation?

For example, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I had all of the usual reactions (fear, grief at the changes to my body I knew were coming, needing to let go of my practice as a homeopath). As I worked through my emotions I began to see a silver lining. This situation (breast cancer) gave me permission to focus on my own healing. It gave me an opportunity to fully explore journal writing and my fibre art. I recognized I had an opening towards becoming the artist I always wanted to become. How wonderful was that? This was my gift in the situation.

Breaking Open, representing the gifts that came into my life as a result of my illness. Created by Meryl Cook

Writing prompt

Part 1 – Have you ever had an experience that was difficult and painful but ultimately brought you joy? Write or sketch about this. What opportunities opened up as a result?

Part 2 – Is there something in your life right now that is an opportunity for growth and healing? Imagine how it would feel to work through this. What benefits would open up for you as a result? Write or sketch about this.

(This prompt is one of the Invitations to Create in my second book One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook.)