The Door is Open to …

How can you open the door to feeling better, to becoming your inner wild self, to making changes in your life? In my experience there are three basic steps.

  1. Make the decision to change. You don’t need to have it all planned out, or know the final outcome. You just need to make the decision that things are going to change. It’s pretty powerful.
  2. Create space for reflection, for thinking, for changes to occur. If you keep to your old crazy schedule, or fill your days with busy-ness, creative ideas for possibilities are not likely to occur. (For more thoughts on how to create that space, check out Holding Space for Self & Others – Three Essential Elements.)
  3. Small steps. Take each small change one at a time. Decide what you need right now to keep moving forward. When I hooked my original seven healing mats during my recovery from treatment for breast cancer, each mat was what I needed next to keep healing. As I finished each mat I asked ‘What do I need next to keep moving forward?’ and I designed and hooked that next mat.

Once you start changing your life (feeling better, becoming more of your inner wild self, setting boundaries, healing) there is no going back. There may be times when it seems your progress slows. But once you begin to experience a new way of being you can’t go back to your old ways (of keeping too busy, of overworking, of doing whatever it is in your life that doesn’t nourish you and fill you up).

                The Door is Open (detail)

The Door is Open was inspired by a friend who told me the door is open to the new me. There’s no going back. I wrote in my journal about how the door is open (represented by the crack in the centre of the piece) to feeling taller, louder and more exuberant. Mixed media (rug hooking and wet felting).

How can I help?

Are you ready to make a change, reinvent yourself, make time for self care and want the company of other like-minded women who are making space for self and creativity?

Are you on the cusp of seeing your potential to be a better version of yourself and you want to know how to do this?

Creating Space is my online community that provides a safe, encouraging and fun experience for doing just this. I send out weekly prompts. Plus, we have a one hour, live session on Zoom once a month where we work on a journal prompt together, share our creative projects, talk about creativity and self care and encourage one another. There’s always time for questions or suggestions.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Oh Meryl, I love being a part of this community. I love the prompts to make us dig deep and search within. Looking forward to some down time to really look inside on this one … Looking forward to our next live session.”

“I felt heard and supported. It has had an impact that is rippling out into other areas of my life.”

Check out Creating Space and join today!