The Chakras and Chakra Colours

Filmed at the opening reception at ART1274 Hollis Gallery of my show Wild Woman Becoming – in Full Colour I explain the Chakras and the Chakra Colours. I started using Chakra Colours in my fibre art in 2016. I describe my design process and the inspiration and words behind Wild Woman Driving.

How can I help you?

Are you interested in learning how to incorporate the Chakra colours into your artwork? In my One Loop at a Time books, I explain the Chakra colours of my healing mat series. You might want to start with my first book One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity. It covers the basics of the Chakra colours.

I also teach workshops such as Chakra Colour by Design – 101. The best way to stay informed about upcoming workshops is to subscribe to my twice-a-month Heart Notes newsletter. Or if you have a group who would like to book me for a workshop, feel free to contact me here.