Synchronicity & Our Word for 2020

I love moments of synchronicity! Like when I discover I’m on a similar wavelength to a person I admire. The other day I was writing in my journal options for a word to inspire me for 2020. I chose the word OPEN. It turns out, so did my mentor and friend Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady!

In the coming year I intend to stay open to possibilities, to keep taking on new adventures and to putting myself out there in terms of my art and my business. In addition to being open to possibilities, open to me includes being open to success, to opening doors for myself and others (each door that opens can present a next step up), to letting in light and to stepping into my power as a woman and entrepreneur.

Mary Jane’s post tells us OPEN means “not closed down, raised up” and also “exposed, evident, well-known, public”. In 2020 she is challenging herself to remain open … to change, opportunity, input, advice, help, ideas and possibilities. It sounds like we are on a similar path.

Open to the World (Detail), designed & hooked by Meryl Cook

My word for 2019 was BREATHE. Despite some dark times (our youngest son started the year in federal prison) I managed to have many moments of joy in the past year. I kept reminding myself to breathe, that each moment is just a moment. And I looked for moments of joy. Our son was released from prison and did well in a half way house and is now on his own on full parole, for which I am very grateful.

I had many firsts in 2019. I achieved juried status with Craft Nova Scotia, and now my work is carried in their Designer Craft Shop. I also expanded my corporate work to include hands-on team building through creativity. I worked with teams to visualize and create a permanent reminder of their mission, while experiencing collaboration and building cohesion.

This fall I became one of the founding members of The21Collective, a group designed to create opportunities to move our art forward. My rug Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose was accepted into the Age of Aquarius exhibit at the Mary Black Gallery. This was the first time my work has been exhibited in a show that features work from a variety of art disciplines.

Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose and me at the opening of The Age of Aquarius Exhibit at the Mary E. Black Gallery
Artist and her Wild Woman in Willow Tree Pose at the gallery opening

The last highlight of 2019 will be linking to 2020, as I was booked to teach a class called Wild Women at Sea on a sailboat off the coast of Maine next August. The class has sold out (but has a waiting list) and I’m looking forward to this sketching, journaling and designing your own Wild Woman mat adventure in 2020.

I hope 2019 also provided many moments of joy for you. Wishing you a 2020 filled with meaning, adventure, and delightful moments of joy and synchronicity.

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