Summer balance

Summer Hydrangeas

How do you balance making the most of summer – the warmth, the fullness of this glorious weather, enjoying the soporific heat – with making sure you get stuff done?

I’ve spent this summer working on leaning into joy. I’ve been enjoying getting to know my new dog Nita, walking her, spending time with her. I’m making time to spin and play with fibres and spend time outside – lots of it.

One curious thing I notice is, the more I focus on being in the moment and leaning into what makes me happy, the more my business opens up. This summer I’ve had several wonderful opportunities land in my lap as I’m creating and having fun. It seems that when my mind and body are feeling open and expansive (that’s how the warmth of summer makes me feel) I attract abundance.

Both of my current books were written in the summer. This summer I am working a bit at two more books. But mostly I am creating and enjoying my fibre arts, because that is what brings me joy. This morning I designed a new Wild Woman mat about balancing focus and play.

In terms of getting stuff done, when I look at it objectively, I’m still writing articles, filling out applications for exhibits and proposals for upcoming work, and my business is flowing along. It seems to come down to how I manage my day. I’m taking more breaks to walk or spin or just be outside, but then I get down to work when I’m working.

How do you balance making the most of the summer with keeping your life/business moving forward? Do you have any tips for how to carry the feeling of summer (open and expansive) into the next season? I’d love to hear your ideas.