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find your joy & be wild with purpose

I speak about reigniting creativity, self-care, getting unstuck, rocking your midlife and beyond, and channelling your Inner Wild Self. In addition to sharing my introspective, creative process, the audience learns practical tips with a dose of inspiration!

inspirational speaking

create a heart-centred business & life

I speak about reigniting creativity, self-care, getting unstuck, and channelling your Inner Wild Woman. In addition to sharing my introspective, creative process, the audience learns practical tips with a dose of inspiration!

Meryl Cook

a great fit for...

  • artists and art-based organizations interested in exploring the healing power of art
  • healthcare audiences and anyone whose daily work is in care of others
  • corporate leaders who are committed to the engagement and wellbeing of their team
  • career transition audiences, retirement seminars, entrepreneurs (current and future!)
green heart

Lovely creativity and mental health workshop today at work. “One Loop at a Time – Speaking to Yourself – with Love”. Was very nice to spend an hour thinking about self-care, guided by Meryl’s passion and warmth for all our hearts. Highly recommend.
- Lorraine Glendenning, A/ Executive Director, Strategy and Corporate Services, Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services

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SIGNATURE KEYNOTE: Join author, fibre artist, and former homeopath Meryl Cook as she shares how a health wake-up call provoked an awakening for change, how writing sparked her creativity, led to deep healing and to finding her authentic self. Now she helps others use creativity to transform their lives One Loop at a Time. By discovering your own passions, understand where you are today and where you can go tomorrow.

Audiences will:

  • learn practical steps to turn a life-changing experience into a life-affirming journey,
  • discover how simple creativity practises can generate massive life and work-life transformations,
  • learn tips for harnessing creativity as a tool for wellness and self-care.

Your next step in life – what does it look like? How can you hold space for yourself to allow creativity and wellness to emerge? Join author and fibre artist Meryl Cook as she shares the simple, profound methods she has found helpful for unblocking creativity, moving forward through transitions and looking inside for answers.

Audiences will:

  • Learn how to take small, consistent, creative steps that can have a massive, positive impact on your life, your writing, your business,
  • Explore what’s possible by simply getting started, without needing to figure out where you are going ahead of time,
  • Consider what it means to hold space for yourself and your creative self-expression,
  • Discover how to turn inside to find your own answers and inner wisdom,
  • Experience a practical tool to tap into your own ability to unlock creativity.

What does it mean to be a Wild Woman and how can you get there? Join author and fibre artist Meryl Cook for a playful look at how to reconnect with the person you really are, the person you were before life and responsibilities got in the way. Meryl will share the inspiration behind her Wild Woman series of hand-hooked mats and their connection to the Chakra colours, and help you get started on your Wild Self journey!

Audiences will:

  • Explore what it means to be a Wild Self,
  • Learn practical tips for taking a step by step approach to getting there,
  • Learn how to begin incorporating Chakra colours into your creative life.

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