What comes to mind when you think of spaciousness? What would it feel like to have more of it in your life? Lately I’ve been working on creating a feeling of spaciousness in my life. I’ve been doing this with my physical environment (decluttering my work space, closet and tea basket), my virtual environment (by cleaning out old files on my computer) and in my self care routines.

Spaciousness defined

Spaciousness is defined as “Having enough or abundant space or room; large in area or extent: Large in range or scope and the quality of being large and having a lot of space.

To these definitions I would add that having a feeling of spaciousness is a necessary ingredient for allowing creativity to emerge. If we are feeling constantly squeezed (literally or figuratively) it is hard to get unblocked, to think outside the box. Being constantly under pressure in this way leads to burnout and overwhelm.

Allowing spaciousness is also a form of self care. It is giving yourself time and space, for example not trying to fit just one more meeting or errand into your day.

My experience is when I treat myself in a spacious manner life opens up. My body feels more relaxed and open. The phone starts to ring, my online sales go up and I feel generally happier and much less frazzled. Surprisingly I get more accomplished than when I am rushing around trying to fit too much in to my day.

From my journal:



Room to breathe, grow

Sometimes stolen

Sometimes freely given

The beach is where I feel a sense of spaciousness.

Spaciousness suggestions

Interested in how you can add more spaciousness to your life?

  • Try leaving for the ferry 10 minutes early so you don’t have to rush.
  • Consider scheduling an artist date (or music date or coffee date) with yourself every now and then. Your only job during this date is to look around and enjoy yourself. Usually when I do this I emerge refreshed and brimming with ideas.

What can you do to add a feeling of spaciousness to your life? I’d love to hear what you’ve tried and how it worked for you.