Soften & get curious

When life is not unfolding exactly as you expect it to, instead of resisting mightily, getting angry and frustrated, can you soften into it? Can you use your curiosity to understand the wisdom and the hidden gifts of where you are at the moment?

This fall I expected to be doing lots of hands on, in person team building work. Then came the fourth wave of Covid. In person projects were put on hold again.

I decided to try to soften and get curious. I wanted to understand how are my clients feeling and what do they need right now? My clients told me their teams were feeling vulnerable and out of control. They didn’t know what to expect, as so much is changing. They needed to feel empowered, to feel they had choices in this unpredictable world situation.

So I designed a virtual creativity session ‘Red Cowboy Boots: Choosing how to show up when life feels out of control’. This session has been very popular with my clients and their teams.

Would I love to be doing in person, hands on projects right now? Sure, I would. But here I am: giving people what they need; finding joy in the small wins (I had a great evaluation from my latest virtual workshop at Dalhousie University!); and laying the groundwork for future hands on team building projects. It’s all good. I’m exactly where I need to be at the moment.

grey, heart shaped rock leaning up against a tree trunk.
Soften and get curious

How can I help?

Do you need help supporting your team during this post-pandemic transition? At Meryl Cook Engagement by Design I work with teams to raise engagement, relieve anxiety and get out ahead of transitions. Bringing people together to create something lasting and meaningful, while building new skill sets, is at the centre of my process. Connection, purpose and empowerment are outcomes you can expect for your team. Let’s book a short discovery call to discuss how to best support your team.

If you are looking for writing prompts and other resources to connect with your creative self, take a look at my two booksReach out to me if you’d like some help designing a wallhanging that is a reflection of what you need right now.