Showing up

I’ve been thinking and journaling lately about showing up for myself and what that entails. Then I saw this quote from Brene Brown “Courage is showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Showing up with my whole heart and enthusiasm to whatever is going on in my life – my work, my relationships, my home, is what I’m working on. When I show up in a really full way I bring my whole self to what I’m doing. I try not to be constrained by what others might think and I don’t hide my light.

Today I showed up for day 27 of a 30 day yoga practice (Yoga with Adriene, a free online program). The instructor talked about how the hardest part is showing up. I’ve made a little routine to get myself on the mat. I have my shower, then put on my steel cut oats, set up the yoga mat and cue up the lesson, then turn off the oatmeal and get myself onto the mat. I tell myself I’m making time for myself to get strong and open. What I’m noticing is that each day’s practice and theme is just what I needed today. I love those moments of serendipity.

I gave a talk the other day called One Loop at a Time – Speaking to Yourself – with Love. Besides being an important tool for mental health, I think speaking to myself with kindness and love is a kind of showing up for myself – being my own cheerleader.

Showing up involves trust. Trusting that I’m exactly where I need to be right now. Trusting that if I open my heart and listen that my intuition will guide me.

Surrender detail. This mat is about trusting that I’m exactly where I need to be at this time.

Showing up for myself as an entrepreneur involves showing up and doing the tough work to keep my business moving forward. It involves persistence, and promoting my business from a place of deep conviction. Conviction that what I offer is of value, and that I will find ways to deliver from a place of abundance.

Be your own Valentine this February

In what ways can you show up for yourself this month?

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Keep showing up.