She raised me up

The older I get, the more I appreciate my Mom and the women in my life who have raised me up and kept me afloat. We thought we were going to lose our Mom in December. My brother and I travelled to meet my sister to say goodbye and make plans.

Apparently Mom had other ideas. Despite everyone’s predictions, she rallied and is thriving once again. She recently had Easter dinner at my sister’s new home. How wonderful is that? Here’s a previous blog post I wrote about my Mom’s courage and spirit of adventure.

Last Mother’s Day I was preparing for our youngest son to be sentenced to federal prison. The sentencing has come and gone and we have all adjusted. I wrote about needing to share what is in my heart here.

Learning to deal with being the mother of an incarcerated adult prompted this blog post about Love without Conditions. This past year has been a tough one for me in the motherhood department. What has helped me (in addition to my journal writing and fibre art) are the women who have supported me and raised me up in so many ways.

Heart Ripples As we live our life from a heart centre, there is a ripple effect of being supported by and inspiring others to do the same.

There is my sister Nancy, who invited me on two holidays this year where we walked (and walked), ate good food and spent time together. There is a new friend with a son in a similar circumstance who has reached out and become a walking and sometimes ukulele buddy. My running partner has been a welcome distraction and a listening ear.

Then there are the women who have helped me grow in my business as a speaker, workshop facilitator, creativity expert and fibre artist. I wrote about some of these women in this post #She-Inspires-Me. These women have raised me up and supported me. They help me to realize I can live my life fully no matter what is going on in my personal life.

So whether you are a mother in the traditional sense, or mothering by raising up and holding space for the women in your life, I wish you Happy Mother’s Day. I’m thankful for all of you.