Savouring the moment – 3 top tips

Are you in the habit of rushing from one task to another? When busy, my natural inclination used to be to complete a task, check it off my to-do list and then move on to the next item. It left me feeling exhausted and like my list was never ending.

Tips to breaking this habit

Take a short break to acknowledge and savour the moment each time you complete another task (or a step in the process if it is a huge endeavour).
You can do this by:
1. Getting up to make a cup of tea, have a glass of water.
2. Going outside to take a short walk, pull up some weeds, etc.
3. Keep a bragging list of things accomplished today. Post it in a prominent spot. At the end of the day instead of focusing on how much is left to do, you can take a moment to read your bragging list and bask a little.

Advantages of savouring the moment

If you can build the habit of savouring the moment, you will be less overwhelmed. Your mind will be clear before jumping into the next task, resulting in more focus. You may have more energy and your day will flow more smoothly.

“Let this be enough … Let what you’ve accomplished settle and travel out … See where it lands … like a beautiful pebble dropping and radiating out.” This mat was about savouring the moment.

How can I help?

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