Renew, Regenerate, Recoup

This is the time of the winter when I shovel off my deck, wrap up in my down parka and a cozy blanket to have my morning tea in the sunshine. Turning my face to the sun, to the light helps me to regenerate, to recoup some energy.

Woman with white hair, red beret, holding a thermal mug of tea, wearing a parka and wool sweater. Winter tea on the deck.
Sunbathing on my deck in winter

When I allow myself the ‘luxury’ of time and space to regenerate, it pays off in spades. I find I have more ideas for my business. My design ideas start to flow. I’m way more productive, innovative and engaged.

This year more than ever I hope you are making space for renewal. I hope you are pushing less and looking for opportunities to allow more ease, freedom, breath.

How I can help

If you or your team are feeling stuck, stressed, disconnected, or all of the above, contact me. We can design a session or series of creative, hands-on sessions that will provide an opportunity to de-stress, renew and reconnect. Trust me, it will do wonders for your bottom line when your team is more engaged, productive and innovative.