Renegade Conversations

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Look no further than Renegade Conversations, a new web series premiering on YouTube! Join me, Meryl Cook, as I engage in fearless discussions with remarkable female rebels who are shaking things up in their respective fields. Whether they're entrepreneurs, artists, activists, or innovators, we'll explore their paths, obstacles, and successes.

A Renegade Conversation with Jenna White

My guest today is an indigenous chef, restauranteur, unstoppable entrepreneur and remarkable woman. Jenna White’s philosophy is simple yet profound: food brings people to the table and creates a doorway to experience the vibrant diversity of cultures. I love that Jenna says you can make life work for you and “you have the ability to … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Dr. Mayann Francis

My guest today was the first African Nova Scotian and second woman to be appointed as the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.  She is the second African Canadian to be appointed Lieutenant Governor in Canada. I have admired the Honourable Dr. Mayann Francis from afar for many years. Her accomplishments are many, including many honorary … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Cynthia Kinnunen

Join guest Cynthia Kinnunen and host and creator Meryl Cook for this wide ranging and insightful conversation about women in midlife, and the role of music in forming a new identity and sense of purpose at this life stage. Discover how Cynthia’s life is like a birch tree and hear her advice for women wanting … Read more

A Renegade Conversation with Juanita Peters

Juanita Peters is an actor, film and stage director, playwright and more. And host Meryl Cook admits to having a bit of a fan girl crush on her for being one of the directors of the award-winning series Diggstown. Join host Meryl Cook and guest Juanita Peters for this fearless and fun renegade conversation. Learn … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Rosmarie Lohnes

Rosmarie Lohnes is an Ecological Landscape Designer, Speaker, Consultant and Educator and she is trying to flip the landscaping world upside down! One of North America’s leading experts in protecting priceless coastal properties from erosion, Rosmarie is the founder and CEO of Helping Nature Heal, an award-winning landscape design company that has been recognized globally for … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Tia Upshaw

Tia Upshaw is an author, serial entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker and more. We recently sat down to have a Renegade Conversation that was heart warming, inspiring, fun and authentic. Tia Upshaw is a dynamic force, blending roles as a devoted mother, accomplished author, and serial entrepreneur. Balancing the demands of raising three children, Tia says … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Maddie Kertay

Maddie Kertay is the BadAss Quilter, outspoken advocate for making the quilting space a diverse and welcoming space for all.  When she is not caring for critical care neonatal kittens, or rebuilding old houses herself you can find her online or at local shows and trade events fostering community for liberal quilters, sewists and crafts … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Nancy Regan

Nancy Regan is a professional communicator whose dynamic career includes TV and Podcast hosting, MCing, and Presentation Coaching. She recently released her first book From Showing Off to Showing Up, an open and vulnerable account of her experience with Impostor Syndrome and perfectionism, and her journey to a life of authenticity. Join host Meryl Cook … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Jenn Salib Huber

Jenn Salib Huber is a trailblazer! Her social media posts often begin with “Now this may be an unpopular opinion …”. She’s not afraid to speak out, to question the status quo and to be a leader and innovator. Join host Meryl Cook and guest Jenn Salib Huber for this Renegade Conversation about body positivity … Read more

Renegade Conversation with April DeConick

April DeConick is an award-winning textile artist and professor of the study of religion at Rice University (Houston, Texas).  After decades of writing about mysticism and gnosticism, she has found that words often are inadequate to communicate the deepest aspects of reality. She has turned to art to communicate what cannot be said in words, … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Jennifer Gillivan

Jennifer Gillivan is a delight. In this wide-ranging and truly insightful conversation, Jennifer shares her perspective on midlife and beyond women (we are just getting started), her passion for improving the health of women through better, unbiased research, how to be a renegade and more. Her advice to midlife women and beyond? “This is our … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Stephanie Stobbe

Stephanie didn’t think she was a Renegade initially, but when it comes to speaking out and going for what you want and know is right, she fits the bill. She tells the story of her harrowing escape with her family from Laos at the age of four and her career as a specialist in Asian … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Martha Chaves

You may not recognize her face or her name, but when you hear the voice of my next guest, chances are you will say, “Oh yes! I recognize her voice. I love her!” In this sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant conversation Martha Chaves shares how she singlehandedly de-colonized the Canadian stand-up comedy community, her experiences of … Read more

Renegade Conversation with Lisa LaFlamme

In this episode, Lisa LaFlamme shares tips on how to connect with your inner wild woman, tells us what kind of a kid she was in grade two, reveals several super exciting projects she has on the go AND admits she has always been a maverick! Lisa is drinking Fair Trade Coffee from Kenya in … Read more

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