Renegade Conversations

webcast launching October 2023

Looking for bold conversations and inspiring stories from badass women who defy the status quo?

Look no further than Renegade Conversations, an upcoming web series premiering on YouTube this fall! Join me, Meryl Cook, as I engage in fearless discussions with remarkable female rebels who are shaking things up in their respective fields. Whether they're entrepreneurs, artists, activists, or innovators, we'll explore their paths, obstacles, and successes.

Episode #1 - Lisa LaFlamme

Lisa has been at the forefront of journalism for over 30 years tackling some of the biggest issues of our time, travelling the globe, delivering breaking news, and bringing it back home to Canadians.

I'm delighted Lisa will join me for the inaugural episode of Renegade Conversations. It's sure to be an interesting and refreshing discussion!

Lisa LaFlamme

Get ready for thought-provoking discussions...

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