Renegade Conversation with Stephanie Stobbe

Stephanie didn’t think she was a Renegade initially, but when it comes to speaking out and going for what you want and know is right, she fits the bill. She tells the story of her harrowing escape with her family from Laos at the age of four and her career as a specialist in Asian peace and conflict studies. Find out why Stephanie says all refugees are renegades in this inspiring and eye opening conversation.

Dr. Stephanie Phetsamay Stobbe is an Associate Professor in Conflict Resolutions Studies, a program of Canadian Mennonite University located at the University of Winnipeg, and in the Redekop School of Business.

She is a leading expert on Southeast Asian dispute resolution processes and has conducted conflict resolution and peacebuilding workshops around the world, including in Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, with political leaders, NGOs, and civil societies.

Stephanie is the Curator of the Hearts of Freedom – Stories of Southeast Asian Refugees museum exhibition that is travelling across Canada. i

Stephanie’s drink:

Stephanie is drinking fresh coconut juice. Take a fresh young coconut. Cut off the top and insert a straw and drink the juice inside. Stephanie finds this drink very refreshing. It reminds her of her early life in Laos and then living in Thailand as a refugee.

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Hearts of Freedom – Stories of Southeast Asian Refugees project

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