Renegade Conversation with Rosmarie Lohnes

Rosmarie Lohnes is an Ecological Landscape Designer, Speaker, Consultant and Educator and she is trying to flip the landscaping world upside down!

One of North America’s leading experts in protecting priceless coastal properties from erosion, Rosmarie is the founder and CEO of Helping Nature Heal, an award-winning landscape design company that has been recognized globally for its work in preventing shoreline erosion and preserving coastal ecosystems. Rosmarie pioneered the Shoreline Erosion Management system, which has helped dozens of homeowners protect their properties from coastal erosion.

Join host Meryl Cook and Rosmarie Lohnes as we delve into topics such as what led Rosmarie to taking the word landscaping out of her business title, her experiences of being a female expert in a male dominated industry and how stepping into the role of a renegade was “like a string pulling me into the universe”. Season Two, Episode 10 of Renegade Conversations.

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