Renegade Conversation with Maddie Kertay

Maddie Kertay is the BadAss Quilter, outspoken advocate for making the quilting space a diverse and welcoming space for all.  When she is not caring for critical care neonatal kittens, or rebuilding old houses herself you can find her online or at local shows and trade events fostering community for liberal quilters, sewists and crafts people.  Maddie is the mother of 6, grandmother of 1, owner of a VERY spicy vocabulary and married to a very understanding husband.

Join host Meryl Cook and guest Maddie Kertay for this meeting of kindred spirits, and get ready to want to become a BadAss Quilter yourself! Discover why Maddie thinks all girls should have the art of placating and a box of matches in their toolkit.

Maddie is drinking: Hot Mocha, a blend of sugar-free hot cocoa powder, espresso powder and cream. Either make espresso and add hot cocoa powder and cream to it, or make hot cocoa and add espresso powder and cream. In summer she serves it over ice! Sounds delicious.

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