Renegade Conversation with Jennifer Gillivan

Jennifer Gillivan is a delight. In this wide-ranging and truly insightful conversation, Jennifer shares her perspective on midlife and beyond women (we are just getting started), her passion for improving the health of women through better, unbiased research, how to be a renegade and more. Her advice to midlife women and beyond? “This is our best time (like uncorking a fine wine), so don’t retire. Instead, rewire, change, reimagine. The world needs us.”

Jennifer Gillivan is President and CEO of the IWK Foundation. The Foundation is the primary fundraising and outreach partner of IWK Health, which provides critical and specialized care to women, children, youth, and families throughout the Maritimes. Jennifer is very passionate about the rights of women and children in our society. Additionally, Jennifer was instrumental in the creation of Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations (CCHF), a national organization dedicated to improving healthcare for Canadian children. Jennifer continues to be a national advocate for better healthcare for children across Canada. Jennifer continues to be passionate about improving research for women’s health care in Canada and is working towards changing the system for all women through more focused research.

 Jennifer has an extensive background in philanthropy, partnerships, public speaking, strategy, marketing, and leadership. Born and educated in Dublin, Ireland, Jennifer immigrated to Canada in 1982. 

Jennifer has received many awards, including her most recent (2023) award from Warerstone Human Capital for Most Admired CEO in Non-profit, Social Sector in Canada.

Jennifer’s drink: Jennifer is drinking Barry’s Tea from The Great British Shop.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

– Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez

Embracing your authentic self: Jennifer Gillivan at TEDx, MSVU Women

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