Renegade Conversation with Debbie Adams

Welcome to Renegade Conversations. Season Three, Episode 16.

My guest today is funny, engaging and calls it as she sees it. She has overcome many challenges, which she shares in a practical, no holds barred way. Hold onto your seats and get ready to be inspired.

Debbie Adams has been challenging assumptions for more than 4 decades. She was one of the first cohorts of women to become a mechanic in the Canadian Army. Vision loss interrupted her career and Debbie decided to go to university graduating at the age of 45 with distinction. She is a sought-after speaker and the published author of four books including Law of Attraction for the Skeptic and Money Mindset.
Debbie enjoys sharing the message that success begins in the mind with a focus on money mindset and first-generation success. She likes to ask “What do you need to unlearn today”?

Debbie is drinking Rasberry Bubly Sparkling Water in her favourite mug that says “Believe it to see it”.

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Law of Attraction for the Skeptic by Debbie Adams

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