Renegade Conversation with Corinne Boudreau

My guest today is a lawyer who has transformed the way she practices law, a hockey player, and a member of a band called ‘The Mother Pluckers.” Corinne Boudreau is the daughter of a teacher and a lawyer. This probably explains a lot about her desire to share and explain the legal stuff. Being a business lawyer since 2002 has given Corinne the perspective and experience to boil things down to the essentials.

Join Corinne and I for a lively discussion of how she has always been a quiet renegade, the impact of  ‘soul sucking’ situations, and how Corinne stepped away from a promising but not fulfilling law career to carve her own path as an entrepreneur that serves small businesses. Season Three, Episode 15.

Corinne is drinking Gin Royal from Compass Distillers of Nova Scotia, Canada. (Actually it is her drink of choice, but not in the morning when we did this recording.)

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