How responsible do you feel for the emotional well being of others? How much energy do you expend making sure that everyone around you has their needs met? Does this pattern often come at the expense of your own well being?

Re-Lease detail
Re-Lease detail, designed & hooked by Meryl Cook, 2018

One of the many reasons why I love what I do, is I get to inspire others to take care of themselves. I get to guide them to design their own healing image or mat, which includes identifying the words that resonate for them. Words that are a reminder to look inside for answers, to imagine the state of healing they need. Then they take what we have developed and choose how they want to implement it into their lives.

As a homeopath I would take a case by observing symptoms and watching what words or gestures came up and appeared to resonate. I would take that information and prescribe a remedy so my patient could begin to heal. It was hard for me not to feel responsible for my patient’s well being, and it often felt heavy. I never learned how to just give the remedy and know that the healing had begun. When a patient didn’t respond I felt if only I was a better homeopath all my patients would be well.

As a young mother if one of my children was unhappy I was miserable, and if they were thriving I was on top of the world. It felt like a bit of a roller coaster ride. Now my children are grown men and they are in various stages of, as they say “adulting”. If you read my previous heart opening blog post, you know that one of my sons is really struggling. I’m determined not to stay in the place of “if only I was a better mother, if only I had done something different … “. Part of my growth as a mother of adults is learning how to let my family be responsible for their own emotional well being.

As part of my search to find my way, I’ve been reading a new to me author Ellen Tadd. In her book The Wisdom of the Chakras Ellen writes about living life from the solar plexus chakra as being in a state of reacting. Living in a state of reacting is exhausting and unpredictable, and we can feel so out of control.

So here’s what I’m working on.

I’m working on releasing that cord of responsibility, particularly as it applies to my adult sons. In my morning meditation I am setting the intention towards a gentle dissolving of that cord of responsibility towards others. I can love, I can be compassionate, but I can’t carry the weight of the emotional well being of others. By releasing that cord, I am giving my sons permission to float and to find their own happiness and emotional stability.