Red Cowboy Boots Workshop

Choosing how to show up when life feels out of control. When life feels out of control, or when our situation is constantly changing, what can you do? How do you focus on what you can control so you can feel in charge of your responses?

This 1-hour live virtual workshop will help you move from feeling vulnerable to feeling empowered. The workshop format will be a combination of journaling and sketching exercises, as well as storytelling. You will be encouraged to share your responses only if you choose to.

Each participant should come with paper or a journal and a pen or pencil to write and draw with.

Register now for April 13, 2022 1pm Atlantic time.

What people are saying about Meryl’s workshops:
“The writing exercises were insightful. A ‘growing’ experience. I appreciate the work and energy you put into making it both fun & informative … your skilled teaching. Your teaching style is engaging and encouraging and sensitive. You strive to include all the participants with a gentle, encouraging manner. You have a nice calm & soothing way of presenting. I love, love, loved your class and your work and the stories behind your work. Meryl facilitated the workshop in a calm and nonjudgmental way, giving each participant a chance to reflect and express their responses.”

About Meryl: What began as a way of holding space for herself following breast cancer treatment has led Meryl Cook to a career as an artist and writer and to working with teams and individuals to help their well-being and engagement. Colour, texture, joy and self-compassion are the key features of Meryl Cook’s beautifully-crafted hooked rugs, her books about her journey from homeopath to artist and journal writer, and her journal writing practice. Meryl is a Journal Council member of the International Association for Journal Writing. She is the author of two books, One Loop at a Time: A Story of Rughooking, Healing and Creativity (2016) and One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook (2017). Her chapter “Journaling and the Reinvention of the Self One Loop at a Time” appears in Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients by Lynda Monk and Eric Maisel (June 2021). Her chapter “Journaling and Design Inspiration” is in the upcoming Great Book of Journaling by Lynda Monk and Eric Maisel (June 2022).

Since 2016 (and online since 2020) Meryl has facilitated creativity and self care workshops throughout North America.

Register now for April 13, 2022 1pm Atlantic time.

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