Red Cowboy Boots & other strategies for success

My husband laughed the other day as I walked into my home office wearing my red cowboy boots. I was preparing for an exciting virtual meeting with a potential client in Texas. I wanted to feel joyful and confident, two things I feel when I wear these boots. Because the meeting was virtual, there is no way my client would know what footwear I was wearing. This was just for me. How do you prepare for success before a potential meeting or event?

Red leather cowboy boots
My red cowboy boots make me feel like “I’m rocking it!”

Tip 1 – wear something that says “I’m rocking it!”

I chose my red boots and a hand knit scarf of beautiful yarn for this meeting. Wearing something that makes you feel great can be as simple as a favourite bracelet or piece of jewellery that reminds you of someone you admire. When I was a younger woman, an older woman I admired greatly would wear wildly patterned tights under her full length velvet skirt. They were her statement accessory.

Tip 2 – visualize the meeting as already a huge success

Before an important meeting or event, take time to visualize success. For example, picture the client being so pleased with what you have proposed, or the audience being inspired with what you have shared. Picture their faces, and how they are feeling. You could even think about what they will tell their boss or their co-workers after the meeting. I call this visualizing it ‘as if it already is’. In this previous blog post I outline a daily writing prompt that I use with great success to visualize a positive outcome.

flowers in vase with hooked mats on the background
My physical space is ready for me to work

Tip 3 – arrange your environment

When I have an important meeting or am delivering a workshop, I make sure my physical space feels ready to do the work. I keep out only the essential files, pour myself a decaf coffee, and place a vase of flowers from my garden where I can see them.

Prior to COVID, when I was doing in-person meetings and workshops I would always bring my favourite journal, copies of my books and a hooked mat or two to place on the table beside me. Since COVID, I have taken the time to hang several of my favourite hooked pieces behind me to form a backdrop for my meetings and presentations. Having an interesting and professional backdrop for virtual work has sparked many interesting conversations.

My virtual meeting backdrop

How I can help

Reach out to me to work with your team to relieve stress, help them to feel more connected to work and each other and to identify and design a vision for your workplace going forward. All of my services can be delivered virtually.

For more tips for success and writing prompts, see my One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook.