Wild Woman Spreads Her Wings


This piece was inspired by a feeling of expansion and freedom. In the two months it took to produce, I loved working on it. It was one of those pieces that as I pulled the last few loops I had so many mixed feelings. The wings were just as I had envisioned them, I loved the feel of the ground (wet felted, stuffed with fleece locks), her hat, and the echoes of the wings in the seafoam background. As delighted as I was to have completed her, I felt some sadness at being done. Kind of like when I come to the end of a really good book.

I hope she brings someone that same sense of joy and freedom. The words that are around the edges on the back are “Open heart & solar plexus, shoulders down and back. Strong, expansive. Feeling expansive”. One of my continuing Wild Woman series.

Mixed media (rug hooking, wet felting) on linen. 32″ x 32″


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