Planting an attitude that attracts growth and abundance

With all this talk of spring, and looking forward to green, and plants and warmer weather (at least in the Northern Hemisphere – my apologies to my contacts in the Southern Hemisphere), I’ve been thinking about what kind of attitude am I cultivating? What am I putting out there in terms of energy? How can I plant an attitude that attracts abundant energy?

Love Letter, embrace section

I’ve been reading about deepest fears and deepest desires. Ellen Tadd, in her book The Infinite View, A Guidebook for Life on Earth talks about how our deepest desires and deepest fears are often complementary. For example, the fear of not being loved and the desire to be loved.

I’ve been wondering, if I lean into my deepest desire, does the fear melt away? Ellen Tadd says “If we lead with our fear, we inhibit our capacity to manifest our desire.” I know that my practice of looking for moments of joy during heavy or scary experiences and tuning into the body feeling of that moment of joy helps to break up the heaviness. It helps my body to begin to feel glimpses of the lightness and healing flow I need to move forward.

I’ve also been thinking about the law of attraction – what you put out in terms of attitude or energy is what you attract – and how I might apply this to my business.

Getting back to deep fears, say my fear is poverty, not having enough. If I write a business proposal or a blog post from a place of lack or fear it is not likely to convey the abundant, positive energy that others need.

How do I cultivate an attitude of growth and abundance on a practical level?

One way I work on being in a place of abundant energy when I blog or write proposals is I choose when I work on these tasks. If I’m feeling worried about finances, I don’t work on my budget. I choose to work on my finances when I’m in a place of abundance. For example, when I’ve just sold several workshops and my book sales are flowing. This is also the time I write new business proposals.

What if I have to get something important done but my frame of mind is not optimal? In these cases I spend some time doing something that lifts my spirit and puts me in a happy, expansive mood. What works for me is to read an inspiring book, dance for 10 minutes, go for a run in the sunshine or sit down to spin those gorgeous red locks I bought yesterday.

What works for you?