Permission to …

We all need permission. Permission to have fun. To feel all of our feelings and then to take a recess. Whether it is the ongoing pandemic or just the responsibilities of life weighing us down, we all need to have some fun.

The permission comes from within. We can give ourselves permission.

Do you remember being a kid and creating your own fun? Maybe it was sliding down the road on the top rack of an old dishwasher, swimming in the ditches after a heavy rain, or setting up sawhorses and pretending to be a show jumping horse with your friend Margaret. What if you could give yourself permission to take a recess? To step aside from the stress of this pandemic and create a short moment of fun?

If you were a kid again, what would you do? Could you skip in the driveway, draw a chalk portrait on the sidewalk, collect stones, or turn up the music and dance?

Allowing ourselves ‘recess’ is a great way to break up the heaviness and to get unblocked on a creative level. It’s not only healing, but it can help us to get back to work with more enthusiasm and engagement.

What my ‘recess’ looks like

Wetfelting during my ‘recess’ time

I’m challenging myself to do something each day – just for fun! The past few days I’ve played with fibres and made several new wet-felted pieces. I don’t have a particular project in mind for these pieces. My intention is just to play and see what happens. I’m making art just for the fun of it and giving myself permission to relax and enjoy it.

What about your ‘recess’?

What can you do to take a short ‘recess’ every day? I’d love to hear what you choose, so send me an email.

If you are a business owner or leader, I can help your group to reconnect and de-stress, to discover their sense of purpose in your organization. Reach out to me when the time is right to work with your team.

Thanks to Nicolette Eus (hypnotherapist and coach to many a successful entrepreneur) for the ‘recess’ inspiration.