Permission to change your mind

The other day I designed a new mat. When I went to sew it onto my Cheticamp frame I hesitated. I wasn’t in love with this design. It’s a relatively large piece (30″ x 31″). I knew if I wanted to enjoy this mat from start to finish I was going to have to love it from the outset.

I set it aside for a couple of days. I made a few adjustments. I still didn’t love it.

Back to the drawing board

I went back to the drawing board (which is my journal, where I write and sketch) and started to sketch. It took four new sketches, but I finally got it. I flipped the linen over (that’s the backing fabric I like to work on) and drew my new design. I love it and can’t wait to sew it on the frame so I can get started.

Close up detail of hand hooked mat in purple, indigo, blue, green, pink, yellow with white outlines. Scissors and rug hooking hook in photo also.
Cozy Chakra Joy progress detail

Permission to change my mind

So what did I do? In this instance I gave myself permission to change my mind. Even though I’d already drawn the design on the linen, I realized I just wasn’t feeling it. How many times have you started a project, your enthusiasm has quickly waned, but you push on? I know I have done this many times.

What would it be like if you gave yourself permission to change your mind, to take another route? I highly recommend it. It’s incredibly freeing. Now I have a new design that is going to be amazing. A design that I’m going to enjoy every minute of working on. That’s #innerlistening.