Note to self

I’m taking my own advice and practicing self care this morning. Self care is easy to ‘fit in’ when life is not busy. It’s more challenging when I’m busier, or more tired. I know in order to be my best self I need to practise extra self care when I feel this way. When I can do this I make better decisions, and my work goes more smoothly and with greater ease.

This morning my self care looks like taking time to: walk my dog Nita along the harbour; writing in my journal; meditating for ten minutes; and stretching before I tackle my to-do list. Here’s an excerpt from my journal:

Note to self: I am worth taking time to recover from a busy weekend fibre arts retreat. If I allow myself time to land these next two days I will have the energy to be creative, to get all the things done I need and want to do. My intention today is to pace myself. To be spacious with myself.

I helped with weaving this beautiful shawl on a Triangle Loom at a recent fibre arts retreat

Tips to prioritize self care even when busy or tired

  1. Decide which part(s) of your self care routine are non-negotiable. For me it is walking the dog and writing in my journal before I start my day.
  2. Schedule breaks to stretch or dance or write in your journal throughout the day.
  3. Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished at the end of the day. Especially when there is a long list of tasks it can be tempting to keep checking things off without taking time to celebrate those small steps. I try to make time to have a cup of tea and write in my journal at the end of my work day before I transition to preparing meals or my evening commitments.
  4. Remember you are worth it.

How do you prioritize self care when you are busy? What are your non-negotiables?

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me.