No more eggshells for me!

Due to a situation with a neighbour that is outside my control, recently I have found myself ‘walking on eggshells’. Perhaps you know the feeling. It is staying small and quiet so as not to be noticed by someone who is unpredictable. It is waiting for the shoe to drop, or staying tense and guarded in anticipation of something negative happening.

People close to me know I lived my whole growing up years in the shadow of my Dad’s unpredictable, often violent behaviour. Last week I wrote in my journal “I want no more of feeling affected by another man’s behaviour. I want to live my life, enjoy my home without having to be watchful or apprehensive. No more eggshells for me!”

As a way to calm myself and to step away from walking on eggshells, I wrote this meditation in my journal. I have found it (as well as speaking with a trusted intuitive counsellor and working with a clinical hypnotherapist) very helpful. I’m sharing it with you in hopes it will be helpful, or will inspire you to write your own calming meditation. I call it No More Eggshells for Me!

No More Eggshells for Me!

Instead I’m walking barefoot on the sand. Sure footed, supported by the earth. Wind in my hair, sun shining on my face. The roar of the waves, smell of the salt air and seaweed fill me. This is my life and how I move through my life. Confident, stable, safe and protected. Sure footed. Soft, warm sand beneath my feet, cupping them, keeping them grounded. This is how I live my life.

The beach is a place I feel I can fully breathe.
The warm sand beneath my feet.

Postscript: This situation has been a source of deep healing for me. It brought up another layer of stories and behaviour I learned as a child. It gave me an opportunity to address these stories and to let go of them. So thanks neighbour for your teaching and healing opportunity. As I work through the layers of self development I am learning: people come into our lives for a reason; and I have choice in how I respond to situations that are out of my control.

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