No boundaries

Thoughts about being a 60+ woman and COVID-19 as it relates to boundaries.

Oyster on the shore

Prior to COVID-19, I was writing in my journal about being a woman in her 60’s who is living life full on, with purpose. This life with purpose feels like confidence, expanding horizons. The ‘world is my oyster’ type of feeling. I’m expanding my business, my art career is blossoming. I feel like my life is just beginning.

My sons are launched, my husband is happy in his career and our responsibilities are fewer. I feel like it is time for me to blossom, to contribute in a meaningful way.

I’m working on a collaborative art project with an artist in New Jersey. Our theme is no boundaries, and one of the items we are thinking of including is a white glove. To me the glove represents being able to take off the white glove of ‘proper’ behaviour. Not needing to fit in, to conform to someone else’s ideas of beauty, of decorum.

Enter COVID-19

Then comes COVID-19 and my thoughts about boundaries shift. We create new boundaries by keeping others out, keeping our household, our bubble, our communities safe. But the virus knows no boundaries. It is truly affecting the whole world.

My thoughts turn again to oysters. Oysters split open to reveal incredible beauty. Sometimes life splits us wide open (cancer, grief, divorce, a pandemic) and what is revealed is our inner core of possibilities. My fervent wish is that this pandemic will help us to open to new possibilities, new ways of being. I hope that the inequities that have been laid wide open by the pandemic can lead to meaningful structural change.

How I can help

Reach out to me if you would like a custom piece of textile art that represents what you or your team needs right now. Perhaps it is your hopes for the world, or your industry, or your family. We can work together to create something meaningful and beautiful that will reflect what you are striving for.