Making room

How do you make room in your life for new things to happen? Recently we invited our son and his wife to move in with us. They are saving to buy a home and were living in a mould-infested rental property. This adjustment has resulted in a huge making room event in our home. Having lived in our home for 24 years, and being borderline hoarders, I quickly realized we could use this as an opportunity to clear out and organize. Just as I used my illness of breast cancer as the perfect time for reinvention and self care, I’m trying to use this making room event as an opportunity to clear out, let go and streamline.

Like many projects, this has evolved to being more than making room and clearing out the spare room. It has also been much more than just on the physical level. For example, I’ve been letting go of painful memories and notes I had kept for too long, letting go of my best friend’s obituary (I have her in my heart always) and other things that only brought back painful memories.

What am I making room for? Besides our family, I’m making room for new opportunities to emerge, for lightness and clarity. We are still in the throes of reorganizing and purging, but already it feels cathartic. I feel lighter than I’ve felt in a long time. Who knew that this process of making room would become yet another exercise in self care?

Writing Prompt:

Self Portrait Detail portraying an open heart
Self Portrait of the Artist Becoming (Detail), my concept of an open heart, making room for flow and opportunity

Is there an opportunity in your life to make room for improved well being and creativity? What would that look like? How would your body feel as a result?

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