Listening to fear – push through or stop?

How do you decide when to push through fear and when to take it as a sign to stop, delay or postpone? Maybe this scenario is familiar. You are planning a bold new step in your business or personal life. You feel the fear. What is the fear telling you? Is this a bad decision? Where do you feel the fear in your body?

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In my experience, being able to differentiate between push-through-fear and stop-delay-postpone fear comes down to learning to listen to my body.  I now understand that if my guts are churning, there is something about the decision that isn’t sitting right with me. I have learned this lesson the hard way – more than once. Experience has taught me it is not a wise decision if I feel it in my gut.

When I feel like my chest/heart/throat are vibrating this is usually a sign that I should push through the fear. That the decision will bring growth.

Getting out of my head and tapping into how my body is feeling is one of the ways I use to strengthen my intuition, or inner knowing. When I teach tapping into the body feeling in my workshops people often struggle at first. We are not used to tuning into how our body is feeling. However, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Your body may react differently to fear, and give off other clues. It’s really about learning to listen to what your body is saying, and to trust that we all have an inner wisdom that we can learn to access.

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