Letting go from a new lens

When I was recovering from breast cancer treatment several years ago I envisioned the process of letting go as a wild dance. Things I no longer needed felt like they were being released through my hands and my feet as I danced. (See Invitation to Create: Dancing Wildly – with Joy! on pages 36 and 37 of One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook.)

Dancing Wildly – with Joy! created by Meryl Cook

What if I could view letting go from a different lens? What if I could picture letting go with a fullness, a softness, a richness, an ease? As if letting go is a natural process designed to prepare me for the next phase or cycle of my life.

I’ve been thinking about this idea since speaking with a member of my Creating Space community the other day. She suggested fall is the time for letting go in a gentle way, like the leaves that turn colour, then drop off the trees in that seasonal cycle. The leaves off allow the tree to send nourishment to the roots to survive the winter. They also nourish and give back to the soil and other creatures as they break down. This type of letting go is also seen in the plants of the fall harvest.

Writing prompt

What am I letting go of this season that will prepare me for the next season in my life? Write and sketch about this. Try to tap into the body feeling of this type of letting go. Perhaps you can create a piece of art or writing that reflects this sensation of letting go.

How can I help?

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