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– and be the company that has a thriving and productive workforce.

What do you anticipate will be your biggest challenge in getting people back to the office post-pandemic?

As discussed in this previous post, people who have been through a period of prolonged stress often fall ill after the pressure is off. As we start to gradually come out of the pandemic we need to pay extra attention to self care and to each other.

As a leader or employer, expect your team to need support transitioning back to the office or to a new work model. Pay special attention to the well-being of your team members as we start to come out of this crisis.

A recent survey by the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation found that 42% of Canadian employees say they are considering changing jobs in the next year.

Several studies examine why such a huge proportion of employees are considering leaving their current employer. These studies indicate a variety of reasons, including wanting a better work-life balance, a feeling that their career has stagnated during Covid, and feeling disconnected from their current organization. A survey by recruitment agency Robert Half found “feelings of burnout were coupled with feelings of career stagnation – 62% saying the pandemic made them feel stuck when it comes to career advancement and salary growth”.

As we transition to the post-pandemic workforce, now is the time to address the well-being and engagement of employees, before it starts to affect the bottom line.

What do your people need to re-engage? How can you nurture and support your team so that each individual feels like they matter and that they are contributing?

Tips for getting out in front

  1. Create opportunities to bring your team together.
  2. Ideally engage them in creating and doing something they’ve never done before. This creates a level playing field so that every team member has something to contribute. Unblocking creativity helps with engagement as well as productivity, innovation and well-being.
  3. Involve your team in creating a vision for your organization, so they know how they fit and the direction your organization is taking.

Helping your team members to re-connect, reassuring them that they will be listened to, and sharing with them a vision for your organization will go a long way towards helping you to retain and attract talent in your organization.

3 people with hooks in hand, working on a Cheticamp rug hooking frame.

How can I help you?

At Meryl Cook Engagement by Design I work with teams to raise engagement, relieve anxiety and get out ahead of transitions. Bringing people together to create something lasting and meaningful, while building new skill sets, is at the centre of my process. Connection, purpose and empowerment are concepts that inform my broad spectrum of offerings. Let’s book a short discovery call to discuss how to best support your team.