Tidings of Joy – without expectations

Full confession here – I struggle with the holidays. I was writing in my journal today, which is where I go when I have things I need to work out. These things can be business or personal, or both. My journal serves the whole me.

I was writing – What if I could enjoy December by looking for moments of joy? What if I could let go of old baggage and memories and just be. Be with my family, warts and all – to play games, eat together, be together. This being would be instead of trying to make December perfect or wishing for more (more time with family, the perfect meal, everybody loving their gifts). What if I could feel happy and content with what is?

What if I could pay attention to what makes my heart sing and do that? Instead of piling on ‘shoulds’ my plan is to look for moments of joy this holiday season. Already I’ve found a few.

Last week I attended a concert by the Halifax Gay Men’s Chorale Don We Now Our Gay Apparel. The music was delightful, as was the feeling of love and community at the event.

Decorating my front step and planters with a wreath and bundles of berries and greens over the weekend has given me great pleasure. This week I’m baking cookies for a neighbourhood cookie exchange. I’ve decided to be happy with the simple cookies I’ve made, instead of worrying they are not fancy enough.

I hope December brings you tidings of joy without expectations, along with community, simple pleasures and a feeling of being good enough.

White Point Resort Lobster Lights

For the What if and other writing prompts, see my One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook.

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