Is grey the new burning our bras?

Is letting our hair go grey the new burning our bras or staging a sit down protest to be allowed to wear pants to school? (I’m definitely dating myself with these examples, I know.) Since the pandemic I’ve noticed more women with beautiful grey or white hair.

I’ve heard that during the pandemic it was difficult to keep up with the usual routines of colouring and many women took this opportunity to embrace their grey locks. At least two women I knew did this. One I know and one I knew of. The first was my friend and business colleague Mary Jane Copps, also known as The Phone Lady. Mary Jane always had this gorgeous red hair. Now she has this amazing white hair that flatters her skin tone and frames her face so beautifully.

The second was Lisa LaFlamme, a well known and very well respected media personality in Canada. Post pandemic Ms. LaFlamme was sporting a new, beautiful head of silver hair. I was inspired by the courage it must have taken for her to make this transition in a media culture that is male dominated and that favours youthful women. In fact I was so inspired by Ms. LaFlamme that I created a series of artwork of women with grey hair and called it my ‘Ode to Lisa LaFlamme’ series.

Wild Woman Hair mini, the 4th in my ‘Ode to Lisa LaFlamme’ series

A friend knew someone who knew someone, and offered to introduce me to Lisa. Of course I jumped at the chance, and was delighted to receive this message from her:

“I have just received the note and link from xxx about your incredible wild women series. I am moved to tears. The pieces are truly fabulous and the idea that I, in any way, inspired you is overwhelming. Thank you, beyond words, for the support and creative energy in keeping the sisterhood strong!!!” Lisa LaFlamme

Hair colour should be a choice. To dye or not to dye should be whatever makes us feel strong and beautiful. Women should be able to choose to embrace the grey (or not), not because we fear we will be judged or become invisible with grey hair.

Embracing the grey can be a statement to the world. It can say ‘I am okay with moving into my wise woman phase. I have so much to contribute. I’m just getting started.’ Welcome to the sisterhood Mary Jane and Lisa!

The ‘Ode to Lisa LaFlamme’ series continues.