Inviting light and ease – 5 tips

Some blogs and business coaches invite you to hit the ground running in January, to ramp up your proposals and sales calls. This has been my practice in the past. This year, I’ve decided to ease into 2020, to work at inviting some light and ease into these darker days.

I’ve set ambitious quarterly and annual goals for my business, and reviewed what worked and had great energy in 2019. Now with goals set, proposals out the door and some irons in the fire I’ve decided to spend some time inviting more light and ease into the beginning of this new decade. : I’ve put together 5 tips for you and hope you enjoy them.

Open to the world – Designed and hooked by Meryl Cook
  1. Start a daily practice that you find nourishing. This January I’m doing a 30 day yoga journey called HOME with Yoga with Adriene. It is a free, online program and feels right for me. Perhaps your daily practice could be meditating, or knitting in front of the fire, or writing in a journal. Start or finish your day with this practice as a thank you to yourself.
  2. Dress in your most cozy sweaters so you feel hugged. Today I’m wearing an oversize wool sweater with two wool layers underneath and my coziest wool socks. Of course I work from home so have certain dress code advantages. If you work in an office, think cozy and comfortable when you choose your daily outfit.
  3. Get outside at least once per day, preferably in the daylight hours. Let the light hit your face.
  4. Treat yourself to a slower start to the day when you can. Take time to walk the dog without rushing, or read the paper with a nice cup of tea or coffee.
  5. Take some time to daydream. Lately I’ve been thinking about the breath, and about opening my breath. The breath as spirit has come to my attention twice in the past week. The first time in the daily quotes from Abraham-Hicks and the second time from Yoga with Adriene. What if I can bring more ease, fullness and love into my breath? What will that do for my spirit and my body?
A wide vista in Banff, Alberta – photo by Meryl Cook

What if is a journaling tip I talk about in both of my One Loop at a Time books. For this and more tips for unblocking creativity, check out my One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook.