Inner Warrior Princess

When is the last time you felt you really ‘rocked it’? I’ve discovered that connecting with my ‘Inner Warrior Princess’ can help me to define a feeling I want more of in my life and business. Thanks to Nicolette Eus (hypnotherapist and coach to many a successful entrepreneur) for the writing exercise that guided this process.

Inner Warrior Princess Writing Exercise

The exercise begins with “List a past achievement, something you feel proud of having accomplished, or something you feel good about having done (a kindness, a connection, etc). This could be a time when you received whole-heartedly or felt receptive to something new”.

For me, it was definitely when I ran the New Orleans Rock n Roll half marathon in 2013. Some of the highlights of the event were:

  • Standing in the gates, hearing the American anthem played in heavy metal style from a rock star standing up high on the first gate. Being part of such a huge crowd (6,000 or more) (feeling connected).
  • Running along, seeing the crowds cheering and the bands along the way. Hearing the bands before I could see them and continuing to hear them for a few blocks after I passed.
  • Meeting a woman who was running. I can’t quite remember what she was shouting, but I shouted back “I’m 56!”. We kept meeting off and on through the race and she would shout at me “hey 56!”. It was such a feeling of camaraderie. Even though I was running alone, we had each other’s backs. It was fun.
  • Finishing the race and being handed two beer tickets. That first, cold beer after such a long run tasted great. I gave away my other ticket to a fellow that didn’t get tickets.
  • Walking home from the race, wearing my medal and bundled up in my running gear, a hoodie and the blanket they gave us at the end tied around me like a sarong.
Smiling woman in black hoodie, post-race blanket around hips, wearing a medal from the New Orleans Rock n Roll half marathon.
My Inner Warrior Princess moment

“Then ask yourself:
What did I want to accomplish? What was my motivation? Why did I want to achieve this? Why was it important to me?”

I wanted to run a rock n roll half marathon. To have fun along the way. To take breaks if I needed them. To do it mainly on my own. To feel I can do this. I had had a couple of miserable half marathons, one where I felt deserted by my running partner. I wanted to do it on my own and to enjoy the experience. I had put in the training and the race was my reward to myself.

“How did it feel to achieve or accomplish this, or create this at the time? How does it feel now, when I look back at it?”
It felt amazing. I was higher than a kite, not injured and so happy. It makes me smile every time I think about it. Such a powerful, joyful feeling. I felt light hearted.

“What positive traits must I have had to make that all possible? What positive things did I learn about myself, having accomplished this?
(include skills learned, insight, awareness, resources, understanding, etc.).”
I used determination and courage to complete that race. I learned that I could run on my own. That I can feel unstoppable.

“Are there any other benefits from having accomplished this – even unexpected benefits (short term and long term)? Is this what I want to feel more of in my life?” Absolutely.

“In what other ways and in what other situations do these traits (from above) appear in my life? In what other areas (in my daily life) do these traits enhance my life? How does having them make me feel?”

“What are some things I can do right now to create more of that or experience that more in my life?”

I can recall that photo regularly. I am running again, which makes me very happy. I am looking for evidence of feeling strong, invincible, courageous and making notes of when/where I see it. This is very encouraging.

I hope you find this writing exercise as helpful as I have. Have lots of fun connecting with your Inner Warrior Princess (or Prince).

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