I can’t not listen anymore

As I learn to listen to my body and soul, I’m no longer willing to push through the fatigue to ‘get things done’. When I try to do this I feel a sense of pressure and notice it is harder to connect with moments of joy and ease.

I used to pride myself on my stamina, on shining in a crisis, on multitasking like a mad woman. Then I got sick. Really sick. It made me realize something had to change. I started a process of listening – really listening to my body and to my heart. With this came a new love for myself. A love filled with self compassion.

Lately I’ve been taking an amazing class (two classes really, but that’s another story) and falling into my old pattern of overworking. But instead of pushing and feeling on top of my game, I noticed I was becoming exhausted. I felt tremendous pressure to keep up. I wasn’t enjoying this learning. This despite recognizing the skills I am learning in this class are going to take my art to a whole new level.

Recognizing this, I took a step back. I checked in with a trusted friend and here is what I learned.

New learning

I learned I am no longer able to push through, to override what my body and heart are telling me. As I connect more deeply with myself, trying to drop back into my old patterns just isn’t working for me. I can’t not listen anymore.

I realize I need to take the pressure off of myself. I need to work on this class at a pace that allows me to absorb and enjoy it. Having to ‘keep up’ while also running my business is not practising the self compassion I’ve worked hard to cultivate. I can let go of the expectations I have placed on myself and create a pace of learning that enriches and nourishes me. In that way I can be true to my intention to live life with a sense of joy and ease.

Designing and Hooking Love Letter – an act of self compassion

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