I am enough

Lately I’ve been thinking and writing and sketching in my journal about working too hard and burnout. I’ve been exploring the connection between exhaustion from keeping too busy and equating busy and productive with feelings of worth. I was raised to link being worthy with working hard. Does this resonate with you?

While it can feel great to work hard and keep busy, this way of operating leaves no space for self care, for quiet reflection, for unscheduled time. Hence the exhaustion and burnout. In my experience creativity thrives on having space to dream and think. When I make space for creativity everything else flows more smoothly.

I’ve written this previous blog post Let This Be Enough. It’s about letting our accomplishments settle and celebrating each step before rushing onto the next step or project.

I am enough feels like that next step. No matter what else I accomplish or don’t accomplish, I am enough – right now, today.

Wild Woman says ‘I am enough’, one of my ‘Ode to Lisa LaFlamme’ series of hooked mats.

How to cultivate the mindset of I am enough

Write and sketch about being enough. What does it feel like to be enough? What might enough look like? Keep your pen or pencil moving and let the ideas flow. You may be surprised by what unfolds.

Incorporate the idea into your creative projects. I’m designing a new Wild Woman as a way of further exploring the idea of I am enough. She will be called ‘Wild Woman says “I am enough”‘. As well, I have an idea for an abstract mat that conveys the feeling of I am enough.

When a feeling of being not enough creeps in, remind yourself – but I am enough!

If the above tips interest you, and you would like to create more space in your life for creativity, art and wellness, check out my Creating Space . Each week I will send you journaling and sketching prompts and creativity/design tips. These are designed to encourage you to take a few minutes each day to draw, sketch and write. Expect them every Thursday. You will have an opportunity to interact with me by hitting reply to the email. I’d love to hear if the prompt resonated with you!