Hearts Connecting

What if you could feel warmth and connection from and towards every person you meet? I read a suggestion recently (I apologize, I couldn’t find the source) that is changing how I feel when I am out and about.

This is the simple suggestion.

When you pass a person on the street (or see them on Zoom), imagine your heart embracing their heart.

I’ve been practising this on my walks around the neighbourhood and it is having a profound effect. Not only am I feeling warmth and generosity towards other people, I feel better inside. My heart feels big and open. Just the way I like it.

What if we all took just 15 minutes a day to practise visualizing our hearts connecting in this way? Imagine the change it could create in this world.

Writing/sketching prompt:

Write and sketch about what a true heart connection feels like. Try to tap into how your body feels when you experience this type of connection.

How can I help you?

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