Heart, What Do I Need?

What questions do you ask yourself? Lately I’ve been thinking about what does my heart want? What brings me joy? How can I incorporate more of that into my business?

When I started this business in 2016, I made decisions based on what made my heart sing. If I felt blocked in one area I would take a look at what was flowing and follow that.

This has worked very well for me. I’ve published two books so far, which have sold way beyond my expectations. (Imagine, I ordered 300 of my first printing, thinking I could sell them in a couple of years. Instead, I sold 1,000 in the first year and they continue to sell at a steady rate!)

As the books were selling well, I focussed on them and spoke about my story every chance I got. By going with what was flowing, other aspects of my business began to open up. Book sales led to teaching workshops and to speaking invitations at the national and international level. Then I was invited to do my first artist in residence.

Now I’m at another transition point. I’m taking my business to a bigger level and exploring some new directions. I’m looking for a publisher for my next book, because I think it has the potential to be really big. I’m looking for opportunities to sell my hooked mats. I’m working more at the corporate level, speaking and doing team building workshops. And of course I’m still writing and designing and teaching about creativity.


When I’m faced with so many opportunities I tend to overthink. I get too much in my head. Quite frankly, I start to get blocked on the creative level. So what am I doing to get clear on my focus?

I’m asking myself “Heart, what do I need?”. In my daily meditation I’m setting the intention to clear my mind, listen to my heart and let my heart talk to my head. In my journal I’m writing about possibility and staying open to magic.

I’m also making sure I spend some time doing what brings me joy. Some days that is dancing to great music or playing my ukulele. Today before writing this article I spent some time working on a new piece of fibre art that is bringing me joy.

Love Letter 3 detail
Detail of Love Letter 3, a series based on my original Love Letter design.

What questions do you ask yourself? What strategies do you use to get clear on your focus? If you need some help, please reach out to connect with me, or check out my One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook. It is filled with suggestions for getting unblocked and moving forward in life and business.